The First Week

So reflecting on the first week’s poses, I wouldn’t say I necessarily have a single favorite pose yet. I feel like I’m just kind of getting my feet wet, and it’d be premature to lay claim to a favorite, as there’s so much more to come. In general, what I’ve enjoyed has been the novel nature of practicing yoga. It’s something so different from the strain and stress of everything else in my academic routine, and I wonder how I could have left out something as important as finding peaceful moments. I also love the philosophy of it all. We’re not doing poses just because, there’s a reason for all the details as well. Some of the changes since starting the class – I too am also more aware of my posture. Especially when sitting in other classes, I’m more often aware of how I’m sitting and carrying myself. Something I’ve noticed that’s improved has been my balance when doing the tree pose. This simple change is encouraging, and I’m hoping to see improvements in my flexibility as well!



My name is Anita, and like I mentioned in class last week, I’m taking this class to learn more about yoga, and because it’s such a healthy practice physically and mentally. This class is such a nice break from the daily stressors of my other classes which are all science courses. My initial impressions on this class, though it has been just a mere two¬† sessions, are that learning and practicing yoga will be an inspiring new aspect to my life. I left both classes just feeling “good”. I tend to make more goals than I will actually actively seek to fulfill, and introducing yoga into my life was one of them. I’m glad that this opportunity presented itself!