more headstands

This last week I practiced doing the headstand without the wall support a few times. I wasn’t successful in getting up and keeping my balance, but I had a friend kind of “catch” my legs as I ungracefully flung them up, and then I told her to let go (but to stay close by since I was probably bound to topple over) once I felt like I had gotten my balance. I found that I could actually manage to stay up for a few seconds. I found that I’ve gotten too comfortable with the wall. It’s hard going from something you’ve become good at doing to going back to square one. Even though moving away from the wall means progress, it’s still frustrating to feel like I’m not close to doing the pose, when I felt much more accomplished when I was against the wall. Funnily enough my little puppy actually did a yoga pose of his own this weekend. He was climbing on the couch trying to look out the window when he sort of lost his balance and teetered over, almost doing a cartwheel over the arm of the couch, but he caught himself and instead ended up doing a full arm balance for about a half second. I guess all his head tilting and confused stares over the last few months while I’ve been contorting on my mat on the floor was really just his way of learning.