Practice blog – Thanksgiving week

To catch up on some of my practice blog, I thought I’d write a bit about how practicing yoga was over Thanksgiving. This particular week I did not find myself rolling out the yoga mat much during the middle of the week, but rather I spent some time doing headstands and some balancing poses at the start of the week, and then poses towards the end of break on the weekend. I noticed that the days in between this start/end period of yoga showed made some changes in my abilities. Doing a head stand seemed more difficult at the end of the break, whereas at the start it was not. I’m not sure if the combination of eating and taking “thanksgiving break” too literally produced this effect, but I was a little disappointed that only a few days of not even merely stretching made me feel almost lethargic when it came to practicing yoga again. Another disappoint that particular week was when I was trying to show my parents all the wonderful yoga abilities I’d acquired..trying being the key word. I didn’t think tree pose or mountain pose would be quite as impressive as standing on my head or shoulders, so I tucked in my shirt and manuevered myself on the floor assuring my family I knew what I was doing. The only problem was that I couldn’t manage to roll over to the point of getting my feet against the wall and getting upright from there (into shoulder stand). The first few failed attempts frustrated me into making further attempts even further from success. The most annoying part was that my parents seemed to think that I’d never really learned to do the pose to begin with. I guess yoga doesn’t necessarily work on demand like that. The only thing I gained that evening was a threat from my dad that he wouldn’t pay my hospital bills if I fell over and broke my neck.


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