The last day of class

I wanted to write about practice on the last day of class. This particular day was significant because it felt like a LONG time since we had been in class (as I wasn’t there on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving). While I enjoyed the movie and what not, I think I should have been practicing more than I had over those few weeks.  I’ve commented before on how I’ve noticed myself doing favorable poses more than those that are more trying, but I really noticed the effects of this on this particular class day when we did both headstand and shoulderstand. Over the semester I’ve been practicing headstand frequently, probably more than any other pose. Even though I’m determined to master shoulderstand in the same way that I feel I’ve improved on headstand, on Thursday the last day of class I felt that I may have actually backtracked in my improvement. I had gotten to the point where I could get up sort of quickly, even though rolling back and starting with my feet against the wall is still necessary. The last day of class, however, I had more difficulty rolling back to the wall and getting up, and staying up. The whole time I had even managed to get up I felt like a skyscraper ready to topple over. I was definitely disappointed at realizing that my shoulderstand felt sloppy and not improved in the way it should have been at that point. I was happy, and surprised, that the poses we did (triangle pose?) where we spread our feet out and turn to one direction, bend that knee, and then reach down while extending the other hand and looking up  – were much easier. I did not have nearly the same magnitude of difficulty balancing as I did the first handful of times we did that pose. Also, afterwards I realized that I probably should have added breathing exercises as one of my favorite poses/exercises. These exercises are something that I am genuinely excited to continue and see how they change my respiratory health. Until this class, I never even thought of the concept of posturing myself in ways to “open the chest”. I am more aware now, (for example when lying flat) of the difference between feeling like my lungs are kind of crunched in, as opposed to being opened up outwards.


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